Welcome to Passion for Genealogy!

Welcome to my blog! Here you’ll find me, Colleen, chronicling my adventures with my ancestry and those of others (and perhaps the odd quip or two about gardening, cooking, dogs, travel, movies, and all sort of fun things).

I’ve been fascinated by history all my life. I remember when I was young reading the likes of Trixie Belden and thinking how wonderful it would be to be a sleuth, researching an assortment of interesting cases and mysteries. Well, genealogy couldn’t be any more mysterious I can assure you!

My research has taken me across different cities, states, and countries as I try to unlock the secrets to my family’s past.

I’ll be sharing with you these adventures I’m having, and feel free to chime in whenever if you too are making some interesting discoveries or have some good advice to aid me in my search.

Until then, best of wishes. I’ll be speaking to you soon!


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