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This brief article describes information on the Pepper family tree research, and a helpful book for genealogy studies.

Genealogy Book – Pepper Family

I just acquired an old book on Pepper family tree research. The title is “Pepper Genealogy, Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Pepper of Roxbury, Mass.”

It was compiled by Emily Clark Landon, Angola, New York in 1932. The book begins with a Richard Pepper who came in the “Francis” (I assume they are implying a ship), from Ipsich in 1634 , aged 27, with his wife Mary aged 30, and dau. Mary 3 1/2. The book focuses on Richard’s son, Robert and his descendants. There are many additional surnames mentioned along with the genealogy of Robert.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to tie my Pepper family tree research with any of these in the book, but if anyone would like me to do a lookup I would be more than happy to do so. I should also mention that the majority of Peppers listed are from the Roxbury and/or New Braintree, Massachusetts part of the country.

Pepper Family Genealogy Story

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